House Sales & Purchases

We know that you want to move house as quickly and with as little stress as possible. We also know the pitfalls and problems which can prevent this from happening if you don’t have the right legal advice. At DMC we seek to solve problems, not add to them.

As a long established Lisburn firm we provide in-depth knowledge of the local area and housing market. We have also forged close ties to local solicitors and estate agents and work collaboratively with our local contacts to your benefit.

Both Margarita and Lisa offer specialist conveyancing experience. They both deal almost exclusively in house sales and purchases and bring a range of expertise and knowledge which we believe is unparalleled. By combining attention to detail with a forthright and clear cut approach they will ensure that your move will be completed as quickly as possible and with the minimum of fuss.


'House Sales & Purchases' Specialist

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'House Sales & Purchases' Specialist

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What Do We Do?

It’s often said that moving house is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. It usually represents the biggest financial commitment that most people ever make and often takes place against a background of deadlines; financial juggling; highly excited, stressed or nervous parties; removals; mortgage offers; surveys and checklists. Add to this the legal jargon, the complicated title issues, the statutory searches and approvals and without the right solicitor helping you it can quickly become overwhelming.

We know it can be traumatic.

We know it can become worrying.

That’s why we’re here to help.

We’re here to assist by being as clear, thorough and efficient as possible throughout the oricess. We will answer your queries and concerns in a straightforward manner and will safeguard your interests at all times, regardless of any pressures brought to bear by other parties.

We will

  • check the legal title to the property
  • deal with your lender
  • liaise with your estate agent
  • check the relevant statutory approvals, property certificates and searches
  • deal with boundary issues
  • rights of way
  • planning and building control issues
  • queries raised by your lender, surveyor or purchaser
  • prepare or check your contract
  • prepare or check replies to pre-contract enquiries
  • finalise or accept your offer to purchase
  • redeem your existing mortgage from sale proceeds
  • register your new mortgage and ownership with Land Registers
  • prepare your stamp duty return to HMRC
  • attend to all post completion formalities

What Am I Paying For?

Conveyancing is a complex area of law and it is vital that you have confidence that all of the steps in the transaction above are carried out promptly, and more importantly, correctly upon your behalf.

DMC don’t believe that the cheapest quotation for house sales or purchases necessarily represents the best value to clients. We charge a fair price for our services and don’t offer ‘cut price deals’ or ‘all inclusive’ quotes.

Instead we deliver value for money by providing a first class service and peace of mind. We offer specialised legal advice from experienced property solicitors; do not cut corners; leave issues unresolved or utilise unqualified staff to deal with your file.

We offer savings to our clients by use of the latest technology and case management systems and can reduce your Land Registry fees through our use of online registration processes.
Contact us today at to receive a no-obligation written quotation.

Comparing Conveyancing Quotes

The Law Society of NI requires all solicitors to provide written quotations for house sales or purchases so you can compare all quotations on a like for like basis. When comparing our quotation to other solicitors’ ask yourself:-

  • Are Land Registry fees included?
  • Are additional issues going to be charged separately at an additional hourly rate?
  • Can I predict how much more these additional charges might eventually cost me?
  • Is there an agreed upper limit of the solicitor’s fees on the quotation?
  • In the event of a dispute am I happy that I could insist the solicitor stand over the initial quote given or is there scope for other fees or charges at a later stage?
  • Is the quotation in writing? If not, why not?
  • Is the fee clearly set out?
  • Is the VAT clearly calculated?
  • Are the outlays clearly set out?
  • Does the quotation include a figure for searches and property certificates for a sale?

You should always be able to clearly see the total amount, including VAT and outlays on any quotation.

At DMC there are no hidden charges, no ‘extras’, no surprises; just piece of mind.