Money Laundering Regulations

In order to comply with Money Laundering Regulations, to include the Solicitors’ Money Laundering Compliance Regulations 2007we will require two forms of identification from you:-

  • Photographic (Passport/Driver’s Licence);
  • Proof of address dated within the last three months e.g., bank statement/utility bill.


Payments from you to our Office

During the course of this transaction we may require you to send funds to us. When transferring money to DMC please remember the following:-

  • This firm’s bank account details will NEVER change during the course of a transaction
  • We will NOT change our bank account details via email.
  • WE WILL NEVER contact you by e-mail or telephone asking you to make payment to a different account.
  • If you do receive an e-mail or telephone call purporting to come from our office in relation to payment or transfer of funds, please contact the Solicitor who has carriage of your file immediately and DO NOT MAKE PAYMENT.


Payments from our Office to you

If we need to make a payment to you our preferred method will be a cheque drawn on our client account.

If you require funds to be paid directly to your bank account, we will prefer you to provide us with your bank account details in a face to face meeting with us preferably be in the form of a lodgement slip or bank statement. As soon as these details are provided to us, we will not accept any changes to these details via e-mail or telephone.