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We’re still here and ready to help

At DMC we want to reassure our clients that whilst we are away from our desks during COVID 19 lockdown we are still available and still working on your behalf.

As we adapt to our new, albeit temporary, definition of “normal” whilst working from home we are aware that a lot of peoples’ “normal” has not changed. Many still find themselves in the midst of a contact struggle, and others continue to deal with the emotional and financial effects of the breakdown of their relationship.
We assured you that we would be with you every step of the way. That has not changed.

Courts and Proceedings

The courts are currently only dealing with urgent business. The courts currently consider divorce and financial matters as non-urgent. This does not mean that all work has ceased on your case. We are still chasing matters, dealing with issues of discovery and in many cases discussing your case with the solicitor acting for your spouse or partner.

If you are in the unhappy position of now finding yourself in a relationship which has broken down and you have made the very difficult decision to separate, we can still help. Whilst we can’t issue proceedings, we can still ensure that you receive all of the legal advice you will need to move matters forward once life returns to normal.

New Instructions

Our solicitors will speak with you via telephone or video conference via Zoom. We can correspond with you via email. We can advise you every step of the way, from the initial stage through to case conclusion.

Legal Aid

We can talk you through the legal aid process at the start of your divorce journey.  If you are worried about finances and potential costs, we will make the relevant application to the Legal Services Agency now. If you are financially eligible then we could secure funding for your case now in readiness to bring your application to the attention of the courts when they re-open.

Contact with your children

If you have an ongoing matter concerning contact with your child, we continue to be available to take your instruction and liaise with your co-parent’s solicitor. Again, contact issues and issues concerning with which parent a child should live are not deemed urgent by the court. You may be wary of speaking with your co-parent directly. We can correspond on your behalf.

Social Services Involvement

We can assist to remove social services if they are involved with your family. The Trust remains open and we can contact individual social workers and their legal team if need be. Do you need assistance with a Case Conference or LAC? With sufficient notice, we will link into any video conferencing which is being used for such meetings. The same goes for Pre Proceedings meetings. If your social worker is threatening to make an urgent application for the removal of your child then you must contact us immediately. We will ensure that you are represented during the court process.

Domestic Abuse

DMC are very concerned that many people will find themselves in lockdown with an abusive partner or family member. We would urge anyone who finds themselves in this position to contact us by any means email, phone or on Facebook messenger. Our lawyers will draft the relevant court proceedings to seek the removal of the abuser from your home. We can obtain an Order to prevent your abuser from contacting you either directly, indirectly or via a third party. You do not need to leave your home and the only people who will know about the application will be you and us. If granted, we will work with the PSNI to ensure that your abuser is removed.


Reach out

If you are concerned about any of the above please contact Janice or Catherine.

Our phone lines remain open on 02892601421 and you can get more information here 


 DMC has made this blog available for information purposes.  DMC does not intend to provide specific legal advice in relation to any particular circumstances. You should therefore not act upon this information without seeking advice from a qualified lawyer and obtaining advice specific to your query. Your use of this blog is at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that the blog will reflect the most current legal developments at the time of reading. DMC will therefore not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the content of this site or blog.

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